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Hootie & the Blowfish: Tape Traders Forum

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In an attempt to share the experience of Hootie & the Blowfish live, I have created a forum where Hootie fans worldwide can come together to trade and develop their Hootie collections.

Some of you may show concern towards the activity of trading tapes. Contrary to many people's beliefs, there is, in fact, a difference between bootlegs and live performances. Bootlegs are any performances or any other material that is released and sold by a record label other than that band's label. For instance, any material bearing Hootie's name that is not released by, or was given permission to be used by Atlantic Records, is considered to be a bootleg. The main concern over bootlegs is the fact that bands do not receive any compensation for the selling of these products. These recordings are often charged at outrageously high prices and are often of inferior quality. To help prevent this exploitation of both the artist's efforts and of fans' hard earned money, I have set up this page. By trading tapes, instead of buying illegal bootlegs, the fans who yearn to hear more than Hootie's studio material are able to for the price of a few cassettes. If you are still ify about the legality of tape trading, then don't do it. Simple enough.

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thoughts on bootlegs

Bad traders will not be looked upon gladly. Although I am not responsible for any of the actions of any of the traders on this page, I will try to ensure than everyone listed is a good trader. All bad traders will be removed off of the list immediately and their respective names and addresses will be posted "proudly" for everone to see. My suggestion to you: start off with small trades -- 2 or 3 tapes. If you get your tapes promptly, the trader is probably legit. Please don't assume that a person is a bad trader if you haven't received your tapes after 3 weeks. Some of us, including myself, have busy lives. But we will try to get the tapes out A.S.A.P. After 5 weeks, then you should become concerned.

Although every tape trader's rules are generally the same, you should ask the tape trader about their specific preferences before making the deal. To ease things, each trader's rules and email address is posted at the top of their page. Any other inquires should be made to that dealer, not to me.

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