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Hootie & the Blowfish: Tape Traders Forum

ATTN: Tape Traders
Is your bootleg list missing shows? Does your list contain inaccurate information, including your bootleg list count? If so, please email me at hootie4life@hotmail.com ASAP to correct the error(s).

Trader Email Address Bootlegs Last Update
Blair, Russ Chetter@Aginet.com 17 11.15.98
Bournazian, Michael michaelb@colba.net 8 10.16.98
DeVita, Anthony adevita@hotmail.com 36 07.06.00
Frankie, Chris frankiekp@yahoo.com 63 12.19.00
Garrison, Dan kayleigh@modempool.com 3 01.16.99
Martin, Drew sadcaper@yahoo.com 12 05.29.99
Menard, Silvie sylvie@sympatico.ca 7 10.16.98
Miller, Paul carson@epix.net 6 10.16.98
Nielson, Mike neilsm@mail.mankato.msus.edu 4 10.16.98
Oltrogge, Chris trogger@iols.net 12 11.22.98
Sammy, Jonathan hootie4life@hotmail.com 29 06.07.00
Skinn, Andy askinn@yahoo.com 7 01.18.99
Smith, Rebecca me_rebecca@yahoo.com 1 10.16.98
Smith, Ryan HootieTheGreat@aol.com 6 08.04.00
Terlouw, AJ aj.terlouw@icu.nl 26 09.25.99
Welch, Jason JayFK63@aol.com 51 07.30.00

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Would like to be added to the tape traders list?
E-mail me at hootie4life@hotmail.com.

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