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Paul Miller carson@epix.net

My tape trading rules...
1. Use NEW Maxell XLII tapes only
2. Try to include as much information as you can for each show
3. Use a padded mailer and send first class mail
4. Please send cases with all trades
5. Please do not use Dolby Noise Recuction
6. Please do not use high speed dubbing
7. Please do not right on j-cards - include separate setlist
8. I do 2:1 trading
9. The owner of this forum HATES bad traders... if you screw me... well...

[09/30/94] [the wetlands, NY] [a+] [1:40]
Hannah Jane, Sorry's Not Enough, I Go Blind, Let Her Cry, If You're Going My Way, Not Even The Trees, Fine Line, Happy Birthday Mark Zeno, Look Away, Running From an Angel, I'm Going Home, Old Man & Me, Drowning, Let My People Go, Use Me, Only Wanna Be With You, Time, Ziggy Stardust, Mandy, Hold My Hand, Goodbye and Love The One You're With

[02/13/95] [nick's fat city, PA] [a] [1:15]
Hannah Jane, I Go Blind, If You're Going My Way, Look Away, Fine Line, Let Her Cry, I'm Going Home, Use Me, Running from an Angel, Sorry's Not Enough, Drowning, Old Man & Me, Only Wanna Be With You, Time, Goodbye, Ballad of John & Yoko and Hold My Hand

[03/06/95] [radish room, CA] [a+] [0:45]
Hannah Jane, Got Me Screaming, Let Her Cry, I Go Blind, Only Wanna Be With You, Look Away, Time, Goodbye and Hold My Hand

[03/23/95] [corey's bar and grill, MN] [a-] [0:30]
Not Even The Trees, Running From An Angel, Let Her Cry, I'm Going Home and Time

[03/30/95] [WNZX radio, IN] [a+] [0:20]
Hannah Jane, Hold My Hand and Running From An Angel

[07/07/98] [vh1 hardrock live, NY - tv edit] [a] [0:45]
Wishing, What's Going on Here, Let Her Cry, Desert Mountain Showdown, Bluesy Revolution, I Will Wait, Only Lonely, Hold My Hand, Interstate Love Song and Only Wanna Be With You plus interviews

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