Where Were You
Original Artists: Hootie & the Blowfish

Where were you
When I needed a friend
Where were you
When I kissed my very first girl
Haven't seen you for 15 years
Now you walk into my life
And I wonder if the world is laughing at me
Didn't need you when I played young games
I can't see why I'd want you now

So, go away
Mama didn't want you
So I don't need you
Go away
Just walk away like you did before
But I'll stand up and be OK

I remember hanging out with my friends
Sitting around lying about who my daddy is
Soon as I see you for what you are
So I hold on to my dreams, cause
Without you I might get a little farther, now
Now I hold you in a bigger light
Yeah she told me someday I'll be all right

So, go away
I didn't need your smile then
I don't want to see you right now my friend
Go away
My sister cried and grabbed my hand and said, "D we'll be OK"

I'd see you walk the street
With the other boy and I'd scream "What about me"
It's all about him I'm sorry to say
I wish it didn't have to be this way
I wouldn't give anything to be with you back then
And I turned out okay
Rose made me a much better man

So, go away
Momma didn't want you
So my brother don't need you
Go away
And don't try to play your games with me
I have to go can't you see
Go away, I said
I don't want you
And my sister don't need you