Hootie & the Blowfish: Yet Another Worship Temple

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Corporate Rockers Corporate Rockers
Label: ???

  1. Hannah Jane
  2. Sorry's Not Enough
  3. Not Even The Trees
  4. I Go Blind
  5. Look Away
  6. Tucker's Town
  7. I'm Going Home
  8. Time
  9. Fine Line
  10. Let Her Cry
  11. Use Me
  12. Running From An Angel
  13. Old Man & Me
  14. Only Wanna Be With You
  15. Drowning
  16. Keep Your Hands To Yourself
  17. Hold My Hand
  18. Fool
  19. Mustang Sally
  20. Goodbye
  21. Only Wanna Be With You
  22. Hannah Jane
Tracks 1-20 are from the North Charleston Coliseum, SC (08/30/95)
Track 21 is from the 1995 NFL Prime Time Special (xx/xx/95)
Tracks 22 is from the Late Show with David Letterman (xx/xx/95)

Jonathan Sammy
Although the sound quality isn't perfect, this is probably one of my favorite Hootie boots. Simply because the crowd energy is so high. Lots of cheering, lots of band banter between songs, lots of crowd interaction and lots of material as well. You get to hear some of Fairweather Johnson's tracks in their earlier stages. Too bad it's not a direct soundboard recording. Rating: A

Jason Welch
I agree with Jonathan that this is a great bootleg to have. The crowd is great and there are several apperances by the Edwin McCain Band, in which you get to hear a lot of different instruments being played to songs. You also get to hear early versions of Tucker's Town and Fool. I would have to say the highlight of this cd, though, is the version of Old Man & Me. This version is the best I have heard so far. Rating: A+

Drew Martin
A very good bootleg. The set list and crowd is what makes this CD so great to have. They're playing in Charleston, SC...so as you'd expect, the crowd is very wild. There's quite a bit of talking in between songs, which is always cool. You also get to hear a lot of early Fairweather Johnson songs. An excellent treat. They also play some rare treats, like "Use Me" and "Keep Your Hands to Yourself". Those are two great songs. An overall great bootleg to have. Rating: A

Ryan Smith
This CD is no doubt a classic to have. It is a performance in their home of Charleston, SC and so you expect the crowd to be crazy. Better yet it is a 2CD collection and so you get lots of banter, good music, and interaction x 2. The sound quality is pretty good and its a good one when you wanna turn it up. Rating: A+

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