Hootie & the Blowfish: Yet Another Worship Temple

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Acoustic Collection Acoustic Collection
Label: Prima Donna Records

  1. Hannah Jane
  2. Sorry's Not Enough
  3. Let Her Cry
  4. I Go Blind
  5. Only Wanna Be With You
  6. Look Away
  7. Time
  8. Goodbye
  9. Hold My Hand
  10. Hannah Jane
  11. Hold My Hand
  12. Running From An Angel
  13. Not Even The Trees
  14. Running From An Angel
  15. Let Her Cry
  16. I'm Going Home
  17. Time
Tracks 1-9 are from the Radish Room, kfog 104.5 (03/23/95)
Tracks 10-12 are from an acoustic set on WNZX (03/30/95)
Tracks 13-17 are from Corey's Bar & Grill, MN (03/23/95)

Jason Welch
This is a great bootleg to have. It has alot of great songs on it and they are all acoustic versions. The sound is good, I believe alot of the songs were recorded by radio stations. You also get to hear an acoustic version of Sorry's Not Enough, and it is great. Rating: A

Matt Bahls
This is a good bootleg to have. The first set of songs are taken from a show in March 1995. All the songs are acoustic. Some of the songs are better this way, but I personally feel that "Only Wanna Be With You" and definitely "I Go Blind" lose something in the acoustic version. These songs were meant to rock. The second set of songs is from a radio station in March 1995 as well. They are your standard acoustic sets from a radio station. Pretty good stuff. The third set of songs is from a concert in Minnesota, also in March 1995. An interesting part of this is that they have a lot of guest musicians from Toad the Wet Sprocket in this set. They were opening for Toad, from what I gather. From what I can hear, this is an average concert recording and not acoustic. Strange why it is on the Acoustic Collection then, huh? Although, it is not acoustic, this is probably my favorite part of the tape, because it is the songs I like the best. It's good, but there are better. It would have been higher, but hey cut out the talking between songs, which I usually really like. Rating: B+/A-

Jonathan Sammy
This is NOT just another MTV Unplugged performance. No guest musicians or string quartets here. This is a cool boot because you get to hear Hootie's tunes in the raw form. The only problem is that it is poorly edited at times. Rating: A

Drew Martin
A lot of songs, but very poorly edited. They cut out almost all the in-between song banter. That's the best part!! Good songs, good performances. An overall good bootleg to have. However, the recording is not the greatest. No real rare songs to speak of however. But they all are performed in small clubs, which gives it kind of an intimate atmosphere. Rating: A-

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