Hootie & the Blowfish: Yet Another Worship Temple

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1987 1987
Label: ???

  1. Give Up
  2. MLK
  3. I Will Follow
  4. Calendar Girl
  5. So Lonely
  6. I Go Blind
  7. Waiting
  8. Ain't That A Shame
  9. Not Fade Away
  10. Baby Ran
  11. Gloria
  12. Party Girl
  13. 40
  14. Tucker's Town
  15. I'm Going Home
  16. Time
  17. Fine Line
Tracks 1-13 are from the Golden Spur, SC (07/27/87)
Tracks 14-17 are from the N. Charleston Coliseum, SC (08/30/95)

Jason Welch
This show is good to have, mainly because it has a lot of history to it. The sound isn't great, but it is fun to hear Hootie before they were serious about being a band. They play So Lonely and I Go Blind, which are good covers that they still do today. The songs are faded in and out, like Fat City Blues, which can be annoying. B+

Jonathan Sammy
If you want to hear what Hootie sounded like back in the day, then I suggest picking this up. If don't particularly care, I would pass by this show simply because the sound sucks! Each song also fades in and out which is annoying because it is done before the guys have even finished the song. But because I'm slightly exaggerating... Rating: B-/C+

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Hootie & the Blowfish: Yet Another Worship Temple
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